We are now offering silver filled jump rings and kits. They are beautiful, affordable and durable. I am sure that everyone has seen how the gold market has been climbing exponentially. Unfortunately, the silver market has been following along. I am happy to let you know that Steve has been able to find some suppliers that have silver filled wire for him to make silver filled jump rings. This is wire that is a hollow tube of silver that is filled with an alloy. We have found that jewelry made from silver filled jump rings looks just like solid sterling silver. It is also very durable and much more affordable. He has placed a silver filled jump ring option on his rings pages, so that you can buy them by the troy ounce at a much more economical price. We are in the process of adding silver filled kits to each of the jewelry kits on the website, but it will probably take us a couple of more weeks to complete. Megan, my daughter, is working diligently on it, but it is a time consuming job. If you find that you would like a kit that does not have the silver filled option listed yet, just email us and we will quote you a price.

 On another front, my book "Classic Chain Mail Jewelry" has gone into a third printing. I want to think everyone across the world who has purchased it. I am truly grately.  I am now writing a second book which is tentatively titled "Classic Chain Mail Jewelry 2". The publishers are targetting the first half of 2013 for its release. The book will have new information on chainmaille and about another 30 sets of directions for jewelry.  I will keep you posted on its progress.

 I have also been working on some new weaves. Some of them can already be found in the Kit section of the website. Some of the new ones are Chainmaille Lace Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings; Flight of Fancy Bracelet; River of Maille Bracelet; Crystal Maille Cuff Bracelet (utilizes many crystals and is full of "bling"). I have a couple of others that I am working on and will let you know when they are published.

 Hope that the Fall goes well for all of you. Keep in touch!

Sue :)