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Yellow Gold Filled Half Round Rings

Half round rings are jump rings that are rounded on the outer surface, and flat on the inside. They are truly half of a ring. Half round rings have limited usage in specific weaves such as the French Rope chain. These rings are made of 14/20kt Yellow Gold Filled Wire. This means that the wire is made of a tube of yellow gold and it is filled with a metal alloy. The 14/20kt means that the outer 5 percent (the hollow tube) of the ring is 14kt gold. I like to use yellow gold filled because it has the look and feel of 14kt gold without the cost of pure 14kt. I have never had the gold wear off as gold plated and vermeil sometimes does.
There is a price break available when ordering in quantities of 5 ounce troy (ozt.) or more. This discount is available when ordering in full ozt. quantities in the same metal.  Mixed ring sizes in the same metal can be included in the quantity discount.
Yellow Gold Filled Half Round Rings 18 gauge - 3.5mm ID 183.5mm
Yellow Gold Filled Half Round Rings 16 gauge - 4.5mm ID 164.5mm
Product Name Wire GaugeInner Diameter PRICE PER OZT. Qty

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